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Why Won't My Key Unlock My Car Door?

Why Wont My Key Unlock My Car Door

If you're stuck with a key that doesn't unlock your car door, we can help. At Brock's Lock & Key, we are an auto locksmith that provides automotive locksmith services, including car key and remote programming, broken key repair, and broken extraction. Let's discuss why your key won't unlock your car door:

Damaged Car Lock

When you attempt to unlock your car door and it fails to open, there is a chance that the lock is damaged. You can discover the broken part of the lock by inserting the key and observing how it turns.

If the key turns, but the lock does not open, there is a problem with the lock assembly. But if you use a key fob/ remote to open the door and it fails to open, there is something wrong with the lock cylinder.

Dirt and debris can also cause blocked locks. The lock may freeze in extreme temperatures. If you've been involved in a collision, the impact can damage the lock.

Our team can repair damaged car locks. We will check out the existing locks and install new locks or repair the damaged locks.

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Locked Out of Your Car? Call Brock's Lock & Key

Aug 2022

Being locked out of your car can be frustrating and time-wasting.  You may be tempted to unlock the doors yourself, but this isn't recommendable as it might cause costly damage. Call a professional auto locksmith like Brock's Lock & Key to help you out. Here are some reasons you should hire us to unlock your car: 


Getting into a car you're locked out of or removing a broken key from a car lock requires expertise you can only get from specialized training. Trying to navigate either situation without the right skillsets can damage your car, leading to more expenses. 

You need to seek the help of an experienced locksmith if you lose your car keys, lock them inside the car, or break the key inside the car lock. These professionals know how to handle various types of auto locks and navigate different cars' security facets. 

Brock's Lock & Key is a top choice for many clients because we have experience in handling auto locks and keys.  Our specialized training allows us to help our clients get access to their cars quickly. 

Necessary Tools

Unlocking and repairing auto locks requires special and advanced tools to minimize the risk of damage. Professional auto locksmiths have all the necessary tools and components, like wedges and key decoders, to fix and secure different car locks.  They invest in high-quality equipment since they know what to look for and which brands to use.

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How to Remove a Broken Key From a Car Lock

How To Remove A Broken Key From A Car Lock

A broken car key in a door lock can leave you stranded for hours, so you may need to find an immediate solution. Experts recommend finding emergency auto locksmith services to take care of your problem. Removing the key fragment on your own risks damaging the car lock. Brock's Lock & Key outlines a step-by-step process of gently removing a broken key from a car lock:

Step 1: Assess the Problem and Gather the Right Equipment

Broken key problems are all unique so evaluating the key’s position can help determine the method you will use. Professional locksmiths assess the situation first, and so should you. 

It would help to find proper equipment for the job done before you start removing the key. Some of the must-have items for a key extraction include;

  • A pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers
  • Oil-based spray lubricant
  • Narrow key extractor tool or paper clip

Using proper equipment minimizes the risk of damaging the car lock while making the extraction easier.

Step 2: Align the Cylinders

Keys often break while someone is turning the lock. If they are broken in the lock, they can be difficult to remove. Your broken key presses the pin tumblers down, allowing the cylinders to turn for the lock to open. A key fragment stuck in the lock may misalign the cylinders.

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What to Know When Replacing Car Keys

Blog Header Replace Car Keys

How often do you lose or break and later replace your car keys? If you are in this category, you should consider having an auto locksmith on speed dial. But before that, understanding certain aspects of car key replacement and repair will help you through the replacement process.

Which Parts of the Car Key Should You Be Keen About?

Studies show that approximately 28% of car and house keys get lost at least once a week. When replacing, you need to know and understand the body and frame of a car key. It will help you decipher what you need when replacing the car keys. An auto locksmith can also understand and help you better with your proper elaboration.


The blade has the warding, bitting, and tip, making every car key unique and per the manufacturer's setting. A key’s tip describes the farthest end while the ward and the bitting are responsible for the unique contours on both sides of the blade.


The shoulder of the car key prevents the whole key from over-inserting when igniting the vehicle.

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How to Get Keys Out of a Locked Car

1 Blog Header

Don’t be ashamed for locking keys in your car — millions of drivers find themselves in your situation every year. And even though newer models make it more difficult to lock them inside, it just happens sometimes. You may not make it to your next destination on time, but all is not lost. Here are a few lifesaving tricks auto locksmith services may recommend. 

First Make Sure You Are Locked Out

Before you start evaluating the easiest way to solve the problem, take a moment to ascertain the situation. For instance, you can check that the rest of the doors are locked too. You can also try getting into your car through the trunk if it’s not separated from the cabin. If none of that helps, check out the tips below. 

In Case of an Emergency

If someone or an animal is locked in the car, dial 911 immediately. And if help takes too long to arrive, you can resort to forcible entry. Just ensure that you break a window away from any occupants. You can use tape to cover the window before breaking it. That way, the broken glass won’t scatter as much. 

Use a Shoelace or String

It might sound strange, but locking your car keys inside can be a desperate time. Thus, you have to make use of what you have. This DIY trick will only work if you have post locks, and the string can fit between the door and the frame. 

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