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What to Know When Replacing Car Keys

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How often do you lose or break and later replace your car keys? If you are in this category, you should consider having an auto locksmith on speed dial. But before that, understanding certain aspects of car key replacement and repair will help you through the replacement process.

Which Parts of the Car Key Should You Be Keen About?

Studies show that approximately 28% of car and house keys get lost at least once a week. When replacing, you need to know and understand the body and frame of a car key. It will help you decipher what you need when replacing the car keys. An auto locksmith can also understand and help you better with your proper elaboration.


The blade has the warding, bitting, and tip, making every car key unique and per the manufacturer's setting. A key’s tip describes the farthest end while the ward and the bitting are responsible for the unique contours on both sides of the blade.


The shoulder of the car key prevents the whole key from over-inserting when igniting the vehicle.


The bow is the oval or round part of the key where you hold the key when igniting the car.

Which Type of Key Do You Have?

You can’t replace the car keys without knowing the type of key you have. The most common types of keys are:

  • Basic/ancient keys
  • Smart key
  • Laser-cut keys
  • Wafer keys
  • Key fob

What Are Your Options?

Most people will always panic and run to the easiest option or recommendation when the car key breaks. Here are some options that will ease your car key replacement:

Contact the Car Dealership

Contacting the car dealership is the obvious choice because the dealership understands the entirety and needs of your vehicle. You will need to take in the critical parts or the essential details to replace your key.

The benefit of this option is the assurance to get a similar key without the lengthy process or mistrust. In contrast, car dealerships are pretty expensive and limited. Once the dealership receives the request, they forward it to the local locksmiths, which increases the pricing of the service.


You can also choose to replace the key by yourself. Be keen to check on the type of parts that there is any programming or coding involved, ensure you follow up on the procedures to the latter to avoid messing up the entire process.

Call an Auto Locksmith

You can call an auto locksmith when you lose your car key or it gets damaged. The auto locksmith can serve you at the place of your need. This way, the auto locksmith can consider essential details that will aid in the process.

The reasonable charge of a local locksmith attracts many people. When choosing a locksmith, investigate their licensing and insurance before contracting their services. You will be at ease more with such information at hand.

Which Details Should You Have Before You Call In a Locksmith?

When you call for an auto locksmith, ensure you give the following details for their analysis and advise:

  • Vehicle and personal insurance
  • Keycode number
  • Vehicle make, model, and YOM
  • Key programming models
  • Any ignition changes

Is an Auto Locksmith Your Perfect Solution?

There is no hiding the technical ability when an auto locksmith takes on your repair or replacement task. Though there are various options that you can choose from, getting a locksmith is certainly the best option. You will get value for your money through the process with the right choice. Find out more about trustworthy locksmiths and car key replacements to help you have a smoother process.

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