1. Do you only accept cash payment?

We accept cash and most major credit cards.

2. What does it mean to rekey locks?

Rekeying locks basically means changing the combination of the lock. The old pins are removed and replaced with new pins of a different size that does not match the old key.

3. I just purchased a new home, should I rekey the locks or buy new locks? I am concerned that I may not have been given all the keys.

Unless the locks don’t operate properly, or you just do not like the look or color of your locks, rekeying will be a much cheaper option.

4. Are locks with a touch pad more secure than regular, key operated locks?

Although convenient, the touch keypad locks you can get at the big box stores are not any more secure than the standard key operated lock. A digital keypad lock is nothing more than a standard key operated lock with a touch pad added to it for convenience, but it does allow more options for the consumer than the key operated lock, such as automatic locking, one time use codes, and individualized codes, to name a few.

5. I have an alarm system, why should I care about my locks?

An alarm system is not going to stop someone from entering you home. A good sturdy lock, reinforced door jambs, security bars, well placed lighting, and alarm system all go hand-in-hand in keeping out the unwanted visitor.

6. I lost the key to my motorcycle (vehicle), can you help me out?

Yes, we provide lost motorcycle or vehicle key replacement. We can provide the service at your location or you can bring the motorcycle to us.

7. I locked my keys in my car and called a locksmith and was told the price would be starting at $40 and up depending on the make of the car. Is the price different depending on the car?

I'm sorry to say, but our Industry has been saturated with phony locksmiths. There are national companies that subcontract people who are uniquified, not trained, and not licensed or insured, and pay them by commission. When you called that locksmith, you were probably talking to someone in a call center in another state, or country. They quote you the base price, and when the subcontractor comes to you, he quotes you however much he wants to make. This is not typical of a legitimate licensed locksmith company. These phony locksmiths put a bunch of ads online to make themselves look local. They even have fake Company names, and use local addresses that go to people’s houses or other businesses, so people think they're calling a local company. I recommend that you find one or two reputable local locksmiths and store the number in your phone just incase you should need their services. BEWARE OF STARTING-AT PRICES.

8. How can I be sure I am getting a legitimate Locksmith and not a phony?

Get referrals from friends, check with the BBB, or even better check with the Texas Department of Public Safety. All Locksmiths in Texas are required to be licensed and have gone through an FBI background check. Upon arrival, you should ask the locksmith for his pocket card, as we are required by law to carry them with us and show the public when asked.  

9. I lost my only car key, it has a chip in the key. Can you make me a new one or do I have to go to dealer?

Yes we can replace and program most car keys and remotes. We have mobile services, and can provide this service at your car's location.

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