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How Does an Auto Locksmith Get Into a Locked Car?

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Losing your car keys or locking them inside the car can be frustrating and inconvenient, denying you access to your personal belongings and mode of transportation. An auto locksmith is a trained professional with specialized tools and techniques to open a locked vehicle without damaging it. Brock's Lock & Key is a reputable locksmith company in Killeen, TX, and we can quickly help you get back into your car. Here are common ways locksmiths get into locked vehicles:

1. Using a Slim Jim

If you have an older car model, the locksmith may use a Slim Jim to open it. A Slim Jim is a long, narrow tool with a hooked end. An auto locksmith inserts it between the window and the door's weatherstripping and uses it to manipulate the locking mechanism. When done correctly, this tool releases a car's door latch and unlocks the vehicle. While this technique can seem straightforward, improper Slim Jim use may damage the door's internal components or the car's security system. Only a professional auto locksmith should perform this task to help avoid the risk of damage.

2. Using a Long Reach Tool

This device is a thin, flexible rod made of sturdy plastic or metal. The tool's length and thinness allow it to reach the car's interior from outside through gaps in the door frame or window seals. Using a wedge, an auto locksmith first creates a small gap between the door and the frame. They then use the long-reach tool to press a button on the vehicle's interior control panel that releases the latch and unlocks the door. The locksmith may also use this tool to fetch in-car items like keys or remote transmitters that have been locked inside. As with the Slim Jim, only a trained locksmith should use this tool to avoid damaging the car.

3. Picking the Locks Manually

Accessing the car using Slim Jims and long-reach tools may sometimes not be possible. In such cases, the auto locksmith may pick the lock using a tension wrench and lock pick. These pick sets may include hook, diamond, ball, and rake picks. They first insert the tension wrench into the keyhole and apply pressure on the lock's cylinder. They then insert a lock pick and manipulate the pins inside the cylinder until all pins are aligned, unlocking the vehicle. Picking a lock is a skill that requires adequate practice and a deep understanding of how locks work.

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What to Know When Replacing Car Keys

Blog Header Replace Car Keys

How often do you lose or break and later replace your car keys? If you are in this category, you should consider having an auto locksmith on speed dial. But before that, understanding certain aspects of car key replacement and repair will help you through the replacement process.

Which Parts of the Car Key Should You Be Keen About?

Studies show that approximately 28% of car and house keys get lost at least once a week. When replacing, you need to know and understand the body and frame of a car key. It will help you decipher what you need when replacing the car keys. An auto locksmith can also understand and help you better with your proper elaboration.


The blade has the warding, bitting, and tip, making every car key unique and per the manufacturer's setting. A key’s tip describes the farthest end while the ward and the bitting are responsible for the unique contours on both sides of the blade.


The shoulder of the car key prevents the whole key from over-inserting when igniting the vehicle.

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