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Why Won't My Key Unlock My Car Door?

Why Wont My Key Unlock My Car Door

If you're stuck with a key that doesn't unlock your car door, we can help. At Brock's Lock & Key, we are an auto locksmith that provides automotive locksmith services, including car key and remote programming, broken key repair, and broken extraction. Let's discuss why your key won't unlock your car door:

Damaged Car Lock

When you attempt to unlock your car door and it fails to open, there is a chance that the lock is damaged. You can discover the broken part of the lock by inserting the key and observing how it turns.

If the key turns, but the lock does not open, there is a problem with the lock assembly. But if you use a key fob/ remote to open the door and it fails to open, there is something wrong with the lock cylinder.

Dirt and debris can also cause blocked locks. The lock may freeze in extreme temperatures. If you've been involved in a collision, the impact can damage the lock.

Our team can repair damaged car locks. We will check out the existing locks and install new locks or repair the damaged locks.

Worn Out Keys

If you have an old car and the keys fail to open the door, they may be worn out. The 'teeth' on the key can wear down due to constantly putting the keys into the ignition or door lock. With time, the keys will not fit well into the lock chamber, preventing it from turning.

If the key is worn out or damaged, the best option is to get a new one. Those using a transponder key will need to program the replacement key to match the vehicle.

We are an auto locksmith company that provides our clients with replacement keys to help them get back on the road fast. Our company makes keys by code, and we provide our services on location to prevent delays.

Insufficient Lubrication

Car door locks have a delicate mechanism with different moving parts that can easily get exposed to elements. Inadequate lubrication can occur when getting into the car after it rained or due to prolonged use.

Over time, microscopic rust and dirt can block the mechanism. Lack of lubrication can cause the car lock to get stuck, failing to rotate, which means the door will be impossible to open.

We use the best lubricating oil or spray to clean the lock and eliminate moisture. Our team has the newest equipment and the experience to care for your needs.

Get Help From a Reputable Auto Locksmith Service

If your key won't unlock your car and you can't repair it on your own, contact an auto locksmith in your area. A reputable car locksmith will fix the problem to get you back on the road.

At Brock's Lock & Key, we repair stuck ignition, rekey car locks, replace missing keys, and unlock the car. We provide our locksmith services professionally, discreetly, and with the quality workmanship, you deserve.

Contact us for help when your key fails to open your car door.

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