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You may not have been in a situation where you needed an auto locksmith yet, but you want to know who to call if it happens. Brock’s Lock & Key provides locksmith services when you are locked out of your vehicle. If you need locksmith assistance, contact our team.

Help Right When You Need It

Getting locked out of your vehicle can happen to anyone, but it’s never a good situation to be in. If you get in a situation where you cannot open or start your vehicle, we are happy to help. Our locksmiths are trained to quickly open your vehicle using top-quality tools.

Brock’s Lock & Key is here to take care of you with just one phone call. We have the equipment to replace most missing keys for your vehicle, as well as motorcycles, RVs, boats, and even heavy equipment.

When You Have a Broken Key

If you break your key inside the door lock, you don't need to worry. A locksmith will extract the broken key and replace it with a new one. Don't try to extract the broken key on your own. That could cause more damage to the lock.

We may be able to repair broken keys that haven’t been damaged too severely. In this situation, we’ll make sure it works in your vehicle or equipment to start the engine. You may find a hairline crack on the key, which can easily be repaired before further damage occurs.

Other Services from Your Auto Locksmith

Brock’s Lock & Key offers many services involving vehicles and their keys. We even help you with remote programming for your car key, locating your missing key, or starting the engine with your smartphone. While this technology is great when it works, it can be a problem to repair when issues arise. Our staff is trained on the latest key systems to help you get where you need to go.

If your keys have been stolen, you’ll want to have the lock rekeyed to avoid problems in the future. We can repair an ignition that gets stuck and won’t release the key or allow it to be inserted.

Trained Locksmith for Modern Systems

Not every locksmith is trained on the new technology involved in starting vehicles or locking and unlocking the doors. If you try to deal with it yourself or hire someone who isn’t trained in the technology, you could end up causing more damage. The repairs could cost quite a bit of money before you will be able to drive your vehicle again.

Brock’s Lock & Key has experience and training with many kinds of keys from all the major auto manufacturers. We stay up to date on new technology that both unlocks your door and starts the engine, whether it’s a remote key, number pad, or smartphone app.

Call Brock’s Lock & Key if you need assistance getting into your locked vehicle or starting the engine. We’ll respond promptly to get you back on your way. Don't wait to contact us for any lost or broken key issues.

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