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The Future of Automotive Locksmithing


Whether you're going on a long road trip or just driving to the gym, automotive security helps protect your valuables from theft. While automotive security is useful, the same technology that protects your valuables can work against you if you lose your key or lock it inside your car. As vehicle quality and security standards continue to improve, auto locksmith services are also evolving and updating their practices. At Brock's Lock & Key, we are committed to providing services that align with best practices in the automotive locksmithing industry.

Here is information about recent and future developments in automotive locksmithing technology and how our services can help:

Recent Changes in Auto Locksmith Services

Standard auto locksmith services include making copies of keys, repairing broken keys, and extracting keys that have broken inside locks or ignitions. As security technology has changed, automotive locksmithing has changed along with it.

One significant change in automotive security technology was the invention of the transponder key (or microchip key) in 1985. Although the technology has been around for a while, transponder keys have only recently become a standard for vehicles. Transponder keys look like regular keys, but they have a microchip installed that communicates with the car. A standard copy of a transponder key will not work to start the car unless a programmed microchip is present.

Some auto manufacturers have begun to move away from keys altogether in favor of proximity fobs. Using similar technology, these programmable remotes allow drivers to unlock and start their vehicles as long as the fob is nearby.

In response to these updates in auto security technology, auto locksmith services have developed methods for creating new transponder keys and programming them on the spot. At Brock's Lock & Key, we provide mobile services and can replace and program most transponder keys wherever you are.

Future Innovations in Automotive Locksmithing

Transponder keys and proximity fobs are widely used today to provide convenient and secure alternatives to mechanical keys. Some auto manufacturers have gone further by replacing keys with programmable cards. These cards, similar in size to credit cards, are programmed with transponder technology. This maintains security standards while letting you store your key in your wallet so you're less likely to forget it. Others have developed phone apps that work much like a proximity fob, allowing your car to start only if your phone is present. As technology progresses and keys take on different forms, auto locksmith services need to update their services. 

As long as there are cars, there will be auto locksmiths. Keys get lost or broken occasionally, and it's good to have someone there to help when that happens. Automotive locksmithing has changed in recent years and will continue to change its procedures to match current car security practices. 

Make Brock's Lock & Key Your Go-to Locksmith

In most cases, an auto locksmith can help you regain entry into your vehicle, repair a broken key, or make copies using current security technology. At Brock's Lock & Key, we provide mobile locksmith services at your location and can assist in repairing or replacing keys. If you find yourself in need of help, remember to give us a call.

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