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What Tools Does a Locksmith Use?

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Locksmiths specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing locks and security systems. At Brock's Lock & Key, we use high-quality equipment to provide residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services with optimal client satisfaction. Here are some tools we use to offer reliable and efficient services:

Pick Sets 

We use picks to manipulate the pins inside a lock's keyway. Here are some common types of pick sets:

  • Hook picks: These help lift individual pins inside a lock. They're available in different shapes and sizes to allow us to open different types of locks.
  • Half diamond picks: These look like hook picks but with a triangular shape at the tip. They're ideal for single-pin picking but can also help open disk and wafer locks.
  • Rake picks: These are available in several variations: the snake rake, with an S-shaped tip; the wedge rake, with a W-shaped tip; the long rake, a longer version of the wedge rake; and the Bogota rake, a tip resembling hilly peaks. These picks can manipulate multiple pins at once to open locks quickly.
  • Ball picks: These have a circular or half-circular tip. They're ideal for auto locksmith services as they open wafer locks, usually found in car door locks and ignitions. 

Tension Wrench

We use tension wrenches to apply pressure to a lock's cylinder to keep it in place as the pins are moved. Tension wrenches are used simultaneously with picks to enhance the quick and efficient manipulation of a lock. 

Plug Spinner

We use a plug spinner when a lock has been picked incorrectly or a key has been broken off in the lock. This tool helps to spin the lock plug in the opposite direction than what is usually required to unlock it. This allows us to reset the pins and open the lock without damaging it.

Lock Pick Gun

We utilize a lock pick gun when handling complex locks that are difficult or time-consuming to pick manually. This device uses a gun-like trigger mechanism to open locks. A sharp jolt is produced when the trigger is pulled, causing the pins to jump upward and allowing the lock to turn.

Key Extractor 

We use key extractors to remove stuck or broken keys that are lodged within a lock cylinder. To use the key extractor, we insert it into the lock's keyway and then rotate it to catch the broken key piece. We then slowly pull the extractor out, bringing the broken key piece along with it.

Key-cutting Machine

We use this machine to create new keys from scratch or duplicate existing keys. Key-cutting machines are designed to cut keys of different sizes, shapes, and depths, depending on their intended lock. These machines use a series of calibrated gauges and guides to create precise angles for the cuts.

Call Brock's Lock & Key for Auto Locksmith Services 

Brock's Lock & Key can help you gain access to your car if you lose or damage your keys. We offer efficient auto locksmith services for motorcycles, cars, RVs, and boats. Our team uses the highest-quality locksmith tools to deliver fast services and minimize the risk of property damage. Call us today at (254) 423-1149 for fast and reliable locksmith services. 

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